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Teoriprov på Engelska
20 August 2014 kl. 11:47 am

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Teoriprov på Engelska


I took the theory test today in English and I didn’t pass, even though I did thousands of exercises here, on and three other sites. I got 50 points out of 65.

I don’t remember exactly all the answers available, but the most likely and obvious I kept in mind and listed under the questions here.

A) You are leaving a parking lot, what things should you be most careful about?

1) Traffic coming from the right.
2) Traffic coming from the left.
3) Pedestrians
4) The cars that could reverse from the other parking spots ahead of me.

B) You are about pass through a brow of a hill, what consideration is more important:

1) Keep your car on the right of the lane because of the oncoming vehicles.
2) Keep you car on the centre of the lane because of the bikes on the right.

C) You are supposed to give way within 150m, what you should do to safe petrol?

1) lower the gear
2) release the gas pedal.

D) There was a picture of a person about to cross an unattended pedestrian crossing. The road condition was frozen and cold. They asked what I was supposed to do:

1) To stop only if it does not represent danger.
2) To stop at any cost.

E) When you run over a dog, what should you do?

1) Mark the area
2) Contact the owner or police

F) What you should always have in your car?

1) Triangle
2) Fire Extinguisher
3) Fist Aid Kit

G) How should you drive back when you reach a T-crossing:

1) Driving to the right and then reverse and turnig right again.
2) Driving left, reverse and then turn left.
3) Making a U-turn.

H) You have a lorry driving really close to the back of your car, how should you react:

1) Driving to a refuge on the left (I thought it was strange this refuge on the "left")
2) Turn on the indicators to show him that I want him to overtake me.

Plus: There were many many many questions asking about right hand rule, to the point, I got lost and start to believe there was something wrong with the test. I started to be doubtful about the answers, because the situations were so similar and the pictures had terrible quality. I couldn’t see whether there was a marking on the ground or a sign to indicate main road.

If any teacher could help me with these questions, I would be very glad and thankful.

Thank you!

21 November 2014 kl. 2:56 pm
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Nov 2014

Hi Andrew,
By now you have probable passed the test. I'm not a teacher but I'm keen to answer your questions in case someone else find it useful. Of course any comments from the teachers/experts is much appreciated!


When you are leaving a parking lot then you have to follow the exit rule (utfarsregeln) and you have duty to give way (väjningsplikt) to all trafic you are crossing.You didn't mention if there was a picture or not. If the parking lot is crossing a sidewalk then the answer is obvious the pedestrians. However if there is not sidewalk the answer is traffic from the left. Because that's the lane that is closest to you for a right turn.

The answer should be 2. On brow of a hill you can expect pedestrians and bikers therefore you should keep your car in the middle of the lane to keep them safe. Because it's a unsighted view you have to be prepared for anything.

You must release the gas pedal to safe petrol but mostly because of the environment and ECO driving.

Stop at any cost. The pedestrians can fall, slip or loose control while they are crossing. You are obligated to foresee the danger due to weather and road conditions and stop at any cost.

You must contact the owner or the police. If you run over a wild animal then you are obligated to mark the place and call the police. Not all wild animals is considered wild in this context. Look into your book to see what animals is listed!

You should always have an triangle in case of emergencies. It crucial to have so that you can warn other that you have stopped due to car engine problem or accident or etc. Remember to check also in your book for the required distance you should place the triange away from your car. The higher speed the far ahead it should warn others in time.

Correct answer is left turn, reverse and make another left turn to get back on the road where you came from. This is easiest and safest method.

This question is tricky. The refuges are only for the cars that have them on their side. So the answer should be that you let him over take (omkörning) you.

25 February 2015 kl. 5:42 pm
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Jan 2015


I'd like to add to question B.

Bernasa, you advised that you should place the car in the middle of the lane to be prepared for pedestrians and cyclists, which was the answer that I chose. But this was wrong in my test, which made me think that I should have put the first option which is to place the car to the right to be prepared for oncoming cars.

Anyone else have some explanations?